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A. ADDCRYPTO.SPACE is a Bitcoin mining & trading firm which is working since 2016. We are operating worldwide. We have headquarters in Malaysia

Q. What is the benefit after joining ADDCRYPTO.SPACE ?

A. We are giving 1% daily returns upto 200 Days on your investments.

Q. How will i get my daily returns ?

A. Its a automatic system you don't need to make withdrawal. system will credit returns to your bitcoin wallet on every Monday. just upgrade your account with desired package & relax. Nothing to do after that all returns will be credited automatically in your bitcoin wallet.

Q. What is the currency will be used ?

A. Bitcoin.

Q. Who can join this concept ?

A. Everyone who is 18+ Age can join from any country .

Q. How can i Join this concept ?

A. While joining you will required a Sponsor ID if you don't have any sponsor id You can use Admin sponsor id - ACID

Q. What is the working income ?

A. If you sponsor anyone you will get 5% SPONSOR INCOME & also if your sponsored people will work you will get LEVEL INCOME (To get Level income 2 Direct referrals are mandatory).

Q. How can i contact ADDCRYPTO.SPACE ?

A. You can contact us on Telegram directly on given number Also you can send Email .